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  • Nick Bertels
    I'm 29 years old and I live in Kalmthout, a town in the north of Antwerp. I work in construction and I run my own plastering business. I've started fishing when I was 6 years old. The first 15 years I spent matchfishing, after that I've began fishing for carp. I love fishing different types of water. Last couple of years I spent fishing on canals and some lakes nearby my home. I also like to fish 3 or 4 sessions in France each year. Most of my fishing trips in France are on venues where there are a lot of snags and you're allowed to use a boat. That's one of the reasons why my favourite bit of kit are the Razor X 10 ft boat rods. They are brilliant for my type of fishing and I wouldn't leave home without them. Even when I'm fishing in Belgium and I don't have my boat with me I still use them. You can easily cast 70 yards with them and that's more than enough for fishing the canals and some lakes where you don't have much space in your swim.

  • Bart Voeten
    I was born in 1976, am a professional carpenter and live in the Belgian town of Rijkevorsel. I have been fishing as long as I can remember and since 1990 almost exclusively for carp. There is no water that I can call my favourite, because every single one of them has its own charm. The beauty of our hobby is that every carp is unique and has its own story behind it. The most memorable catch for me was the legendary "Mohikaan" – that was the Belgian record carp at that time. But there are many other fish that I will never forget. I like JRC products because JRC offers something for everyone, no matter what your budget is or your level of experience. My wife and I just had our first baby son, so the amount of fishing time is less for me. But, as always, I will be back at bank in no time! Tight lines!

  • Robbe Crauwels
    I started fishing when I was a nine year old little boy on a small lake in the backyard of my grandparent's home. When I caught my first carp I was totally happy and step by step carp fishing became a way of life for me. Through the years my carp fishing evolved and I was lucky enough to gather some common wisdom, and by testing and trying different things I found my own way. At first I fished easy waters and now I fish many of the more difficult waters. I like it when it's difficult to catch one, the thrill and excitement is simply mind blowing.

    Big lakes are my favourite, followed by gravel pits and obviously the world famous Belgian canals. I had the chance to go to France several times already to fish there on some really big lakes, I love it.

    I love the JRC rods because these rods are so powerful for casting and yet sensitive enough to fight big fish. I spend quite some time fishing and when you work hard on your tactics, plan everything carefully, you will be successful! For me it's not all about the weight of the fish. It's the story behind every catch that makes carp fishing so special. Tight lines!

  • Kurt Van Cauwenbergh
    Born in 1975 I now live with my wife, Wendy and daughter in Dendermonde. I enjoy targeting specific Carp and I’m always actively seeking out large specimens. I’ve had eight fish over 30kg including a personal best mirror at 40.1kg. My PB Scaley is 34kg and Koi Carp is 26.8kg - all of which have been caught on public Belgian waters. Targeting is important to me and during the good fishing periods (May-June and September-November) I spend four days on the bank monitoring the water, its inhabitants and also the activities of the other anglers. I sleep very little. Tight lines and enjoy your fishing!


  • Mark Watson
    Although I enjoy fishing for anything that swims, Carp are my main passion and have been for over 20 years. I’m based in Doncaster which isn’t the greatest area for big Carp so a lot of my time has been spent on the waters such as the Elstow pits, St Ives, The Woolpack and Scout Pit in Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

    I've been fortunate enough to catch some of the great Carp that live in them and meet many great people along the way. After a year of little fishing followed by a year back on a local pit I'm back on the trail of big Carp and I’m delighted to be part of the JRC ProTeam.

    My current waters are a 200 acre pit which I have fished on and off since 2000 and a new syndicate which is around 6 acres but holds numerous 40lb plus fish.

  • Richard Seeds
    I have been fishing since I was 4 and my love for carp fishing started when I was about 11 when I caught my first decent carp of 8.6 and then saw my dad catch a 12.12 mirror. I was amazed at the size of it and that's where my obsession started. Over the years I have fished a wide variety of lakes from day tickets, club lakes and syndicates. My current English pb stands at 49.5 and abroad is 53. I love all styles of carp fishing and my favourite has to be floater fishing. My life revolves around fishing. When I left school I went on to study fishery management at Sparsholt college and Im very lucky that my family own a day ticket fishery and Gravel pit. I generally fish short sessions due to family and work commitments, usually I get out on a Thursday night and I try to make the most of my limited time but most importantly just being able to get out there relax and enjoy the fishing and surroundings.


  • Maki Haner
    A keen competition angler, I love the planning and strategy side of organising for an upcoming competition. My speciality is long distance casting and my PB currently stands at 30.74kg.

  • Fabrice Freund
    I first started fishing aged 6 years old – I am now aged 40 and married with two children. I love competing and my current PB stands at 30.7kg.

  • Christophe Cornollo
    An angler for over 30 years, my speciality is small, high pressured lakes. My PB stands at 30,46kg.

  • Michael Ries
    Aged 42, I am married with two children living 50km North West of Paris. I’ve fished for carp for more than 25 years and enjoy fishing large bodies of water and reservoirs in particular. I often fish from a boat cabin on the rivers of northern France. For short sessions, I fish difficult large gravel pits. My current PB is a 27.5kg mirror.

  • David Auger
    I’m 36 years old and live near Lyon. I enjoy exploring new venues and techniques and fishing rivers and gravel pits. My PB currently stands at 23.4kg.

  • Anthony Séjourné
    I love introducing more people into the sport of fishing, in particular young people who are the future of our sport. I currently hold a PB at 21.5kg.


  • Markus Lotz
    Markus Lotz has fished since he was 7 years old. In August 1982 he caught his first carp and since than, he has been infected with the carp virus. For Markus, carp fishing means adventure and relaxation. His slogan is "Carp fishing generates emotions."

  • Janine Pape
    Janine Pape has been fishing for carp since 2007. She loves boat fishing on the beautiful big Lakes in Germany and France, and constantly in search of the big adventure. Next to carp, she is also a passionate catfish angler.

  • Martin Gruber
    Martin Gruber is the is the perfectionist in the German team. He is constantly experimenting with rigs and baits, and he is a real distance casting machine.

  • Manuel Schneider
    Manuel is a real allround angler. 70% of his fishing time is devoted to big German carp. When he sees a target fish he wants to catch it no matter how long it takes.

  • Dario Landsiedel
    Dario has specialised on big river fishing, the mighty river Rhine is his favourite water. He is able to locate the fish in this big area and catches these wild carp on a regular basis. He is known for catching huge river grass carp.


  • Ernesto Kamminga
    Ernesto is someone who likes to help other fishermen with their fishing skills, and that is reflected in its technical way of writing, but also in its open attitude to other people. Ernesto is a well-known author in the different Dutch angling magazines. He has also finished his first book that has become a bestseller in a very short period of time, a book packed with tips and tactical explanation!

    It all started more than 3 decades ago, when Ernesto, together with his father as his first teacher, independently managed to catch his first carps. The following years his angling career was on the fast track, and developed Ernesto itself as a very inventive carp angler with a huge hunting talent. Ernesto is the kind of angler which can find the carp very easy on every water. Not really surprising when you know he has worked many years as a professional hunter for the Government. Through this work Ernesto was able to fully develop his senses to track and catch animals, and that is reflected in his fishing abilities. Those who know him personally, have experienced on the bank that he seemingly without effort catches on even the most difficult waters.

    He's a real carping fanatic and always fishes with great passion. He'll go out of his way to help any angler of any ability to catch some extra carp! So if you're ever at the same venue don't hesitate to have a chat with Ernesto! By the way, he also makes the best coffee you have ever tasted!

  • Peter Vlasveld
    My name is Peter Vlasveld, born in 1980 and I live in a small village in the southwest Netherlands together with my girlfriend. I work in the Biotech Industry as a process specialist when I am not fishing. As far as I can remember fishing and being outdoors is what I do the most, and nowadays not much has changed. Carpfishing is my biggest passion, next to wildlife photography and cinematography.

    Dutch lakes and canals or big lakes and venues in France, I like to fish anywhere carp can be present. Public or commercial, I don't mind! As long there is carp, I want to catch them! Being out there and spending time on the bank is the biggest driver for me. Carpfishing is a virus, and I am definitely infected.

    The range within JRC products is everything what I require for my equipment. Reliability and effectiveness is what I expect of a product, and that is exactly what you can expect from JRC.

    And what can you expect from me? I will share my knowledge, I will share my passion and my adventures... and more!

  • Michel Schoonhoven
    Michel Schoonhoven already knew at an early age that the 'carpvirus' flowed through his veins. His absolute passion for carpfishing makes him special. Michel is the kind of guy that can easy transfer his passion to other people! In addition, he is always ready to help others people, this without to put himself in the foreground.

    As a small boy was Michel has always to find at the waterfront. First with a normal rod and later with a casting rod. Because he has gained a lot of experience in his early years with all kind of fishing, he could lay a solid base for carp fishing. And it is precisely this experience that ensures the success that Michel made for years on some of the hardest lakes in The Netherlands. Michel is what you call a real instant fisherman. This ' Hit and run ' tactics, which means: locate, prebait and then go out for a short session is a special and exciting activity that he really likes to do. His love for the bigger Lakes and channels, combined with the above tactic is a highly effective, but also a nice way of fishing.

    If you bump into him please feel free to chat with this particular sympathetic guy!

  • Ferry Verhofstad
    I am 35 years old, living in the north of the Netherlands and working as a welder. Have been fishing for carp since the age of 10 and since the last 6 years I've specialized myself in fishing long distances with the use of a boat. Boat fishing on big lakes has my preference. Pioneering to find hotspots where no carp angler has fished before gives me a feeling of freedom. My favourite JRC product is the Razor X boat rod in 10ft and 3lb. Game-on!

  • Minardus Woltman
    35 year old Minardus Woltman lives in the North of Groningen with wife his wife, Anna and their 8 year old son. Minardus' love for carp fishing started when he was about 10 years old. Much of his fishing is done on the canals in the North of the Netherlands and in the winter he likes to fish the smaller waters. Minardus' ultimate kick is being at one with nature by the water.