JRC® Extreme Carp Cradle

JRC® Extreme Carp Cradle


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  • strong aluminium frame
  • padded mattress
  • fully foldable
  • easy set up
  • 2 extending legs for easy levelling
  • small drainage holes on each side
  • full cover that can be used as a kneeling mat
  • small outer pocket for unhooking accessories
  • supplied in a nylon carrybag
Unhooking cradles are immensely popular these days as the carp are very well protected in this style of mat; and our new Extreme Carp Cradle really is the best out there for maximum fish safety and ease of transportation and use. A fully folding system ensures that the cradle can be transported easily, and our design ensures that the angler can set it up very quickly, into a stable platform to handle fish up to 80lbs+. There is also plenty of room for the angler to get his legs underneath the cradle if required, for the safest of camera shots with his prize. Two telescopic legs ensure a stable position can easily be achieved, even on the

steepest banks. A folding cover that is secured by Velcro straps ensures the safety of the fish at all times when in the cradle; to keep your knees dry when holding a fish, and is also handy

for keeping the weather out when not in use. The cradle is also fitted with a small outer pocket ideal for safely storing any unhooking accessories, making them easily available when required.
JRC® Extreme Carp Cradle
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