JRC® Cocoon 2G Auto Retainer

JRC® Cocoon 2G Auto Retainer


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Product Actions

  • Spring loaded retraction system for tangle-free storage & transportation
  • Auto retrieves the sling/sack/fish from the margins
  • No loose cord on the bank helps to prevent trip hazards to increase safety of carried fish
  • Length of cord adjustable at various lengths to prevent excess chord on the bank or in the water
  • Strong 4.5m long cord with metal quick-connect clip
  • Clever bank stick fixation system
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Strong moulded ABS housing - 220g/8oz
  • Dimensions 145x108x35mm
The Cocoon Auto Retainer is designed to prevent trip hazards by retaining the sling/sack cord in the housing with the use of spring loaded mechanism, this increases the safety of the fish between water and mat. The cord can stretch to 4.5 meters, but can be locked as shorter distances. By pressing the thumb lock the sling/sack and fish will be draw towards the bank automatically and the cord stored in a tangle free state until next use.
JRC® Cocoon 2G Auto Retainer
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