Radar XTX Alarm 

Radar XTX Alarm 


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  • Run/Dropback LED technology
  • Lighthouse function for navigation at night
  • Vibrate only function
  • Extralong screw thread
  • 6 LED colour options
  • Powered by 2x 1.5v LR1 batteries
  • 150m+ range
  • Adjustable tone, volume, sensitivity
  • All weather proof
The new RADAR XTX alarm system is a huge step up for JRC alarm technology. With LED tech that allows you to identify a forward run or slight drop back, with directional LEDs you won't be in doubt next time your alarm sounds. Adjustable tone, sensitivity and volume allows you to tailor your alarm set up to your specific needs and the conditions your're faced with. The innovative lighthouse function allows you to pinpoint your spot when setting a rig or baiting up from a boat and allows for discreet and unintrousive line of site to get you back to the bank safely. The vibrate only function gives you discretion when trying to be covert on pressured or public waters or when fishing under the rod tip.
Radar XTX Alarm 
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